• Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Talking can spread COVID-19 as much as coughing: Study


Jan 21, 2021

Tiny droplets can also be a bigger risk for indirect transmission. Droplets of micro sizes, such as the one generated via talking or breathing can also travel for longer distances via aerosol transmission, which have been proven in earlier studies as well. Experts have now decoded that it only takes a matter of seconds for droplets to travel longer than 2 metres.

Scientists based out of the Royal Society A built models analyzing the contagion rate of droplets depending on the mode of transmission-cough, talk, sneezing, the makeup of the droplets and the time it takes for them to settle down.

In the model setting, it was observed that while the number of infectious particles in the air start to fall down 1-7 minutes after coughing, an act of talking for even 30 seconds suspended more particles which could linger in the air for upto 30 minutes time, implying that an infectious particle would be much more dangerous when spread via talking than coughing.

It was also seen that one is more likely to catch the infected if he/she were to stand in close proximity to a person talking or even breathing with a high viral load.


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